Black Friday + Holiday Shopping

Dear Black Friday, I do not wish to cause havoc during the holidays. I come in peace… Are you like me, scared of shopping in-store amid major sales or on Black Friday? It terrifies me being in a crowded store, running amuck searching for deals and steals. I told myself I would never show face in any shopping mall during this time, and stick to my seasonal online shopping for the sole purpose of keeping my sanity. This year things have changed. I have accrued major giftcard moola and have mustered enough courage to hit the shops this season, with a game plan.


The idea is to rally early for a serious breakfast. I’m talking omelets, bacon, buttermilk pancakes and lots of coffee. I plan to fuel up — this is basically war. First in order, is Target. I make regular visits to the one-stop shop for more or less everything, so it’s no wonder Target is at the top of my hit-list. My partner-in-crime and I have settled on some great sales at the megastore. Divide and conquer is the idea to make our attack on Target’s doorbuster deals.