Candamill Studio Visit

On Friday we had the opportunity to visit the studio of fashion designers and art collectors Candamill. Headed by sister and brother duo Christian and Cindy Candamill, Candamill perfectly fuses art and fashion to create unique silhouettes influenced by the paintings and installations of some great local talent. Upon entering the studio located inside the Pfizer Building in Brooklyn, we were flooded by natural sunlight filtering through a wall of windows to illuminate an open space appropriately divided into sections that reflect Candamill’s myriad interests and tastes within art and fashion.


At the center of the room sits a large chunk of knotted metal wires, shaped into a heart that magically bleeds with time. This sculpture by Janice Leonard is surrounded by a sewing machine, a pile of ArtForum magazines amongst other knick knacks collected by the team. Against the wall are cabinets of hang tags and trims topped by a small sculpture, painted to don a LV logoed shirt smoking a pipe with some real marijuana stuffed inside.


In preparation for their upcoming Fall 2014 collection, an inspiration board reveals images from the streets, swatches in various shades of red and blue, as well as colorful kaleidoscope images directly influenced by zooming in to a painting by one of several artists that the team represents.


We are fascinated by this creative process, unadulterated by industry trends and directly influenced by the creative energies Cindy and Christian are surrounded by on a daily basis. It makes us think that the creative process across all platforms whether art or fashion or music should never be influenced by market trends and should always follow the voice of the individual behind every painting and every brand.


On one end of the studio is a wall of paintings by Avone and Jani Benjamin, artists that Candamill represent. Work space and materials are provided for some artists to work in the studio which is then installed to be center of attention for appointments and events hosted by Cindy and Christian. The duo’s Spring ’14 collection is hung on racks in front of a wall beautifully decorated with artwork. The collection included silk jersey materials in hues of deep greens and yellows to create basic shorts, tops, and skirts with geometric lines as seams. This season their color story was inspired by one of Jani Benjamin’s oil canvases, showing us the stunning end result of two art forums beautifully executed to create Candamill Spring 2014.


We had a great time visiting Cindy and Christian, their creative process are true inspiration for us. We hope to discover and work with many emerging designers that are as original and true to their voice as Candamill.