Exploring Luxury

The definition of luxury is forever evolving with people creating new luxuries throughout all of history. So we asked ourselves, What is the gold crown of our times? What has the fashion world now deemed as luxurious.
Lets start with the obvious, the eternal Gold. The Emperor of Metals continues to reign on the runway and was seen recently at Dolce & Gabanna, Giles, and Dries Van Noten. The simplest garment produced in a gold thread will turn a basic pattern into a one of a kind luxury. This brings us to our next opulence which is the luxury of simplification and minimalism. We see it more and more on the runway and the designers who are best known for practicing this art are only becoming more acclaimed for their work. The current collections being showcased by the fashion houses of Celine and Baleciaga best describe the luxury of simplicity. Jeweled button cocoon jackets made from a wool and cashmere blend, a perfect example of luxury fashion in 2013. It is clear to us that the global definition of luxury during our current times is simplicity which makes perfect sense. In a world running on high-speed it is a luxury to create such a simple and pure garment from rich fabrics to define what is truly meaningful to us.