Four Emerging Designers We Love from LA

Johnny’s Fashion Studio visited LA for fashion week and although good finds were far and few between, we were to excited to discover four emerging designers during GenArt’s “Fresh Faces of Fashion” Presentation at Sofitel’s Riviera 31 lounge. We’ve met with Mila Hermanovski during her visit to New York a few months back and she was the one who opened our eyes to the potential of unique and chic new design to be found within the fashion community in LA. With her encouragement we flew across the country and enjoyed this presentation showcasing designs by Mila, Again, Joseph Singh, and Mansoor Scoot. All the designers for this presentation shared a common interest in sharp silhouettes, slim geometric proportions, and minimal color palettes. Unlike many of the designs we found during LA Fashion Week deemed unfit for a larger fashion market each garment we found during “Fresh Faces of Fashion” were inspiring to say the least. We look forward to discovering a plethora of emerging designers from LA as we continue our search and deploy tactics to open a shop in the west coast. Although tailored cuts and beach side casual living don’t mesh we trust to find designers like those represented with an innovative approach to sexy and chic style for whatever coast you’re based in.